Futurecasting Families: Insights into Generation Z & the Future of Parenting

A 2018 BabyCenter Brand Labs Insights Report

Timeslot: Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 12:00pm to 12:30pm
Track: Show Floor Flash Learning
Room: On Floor - Theatre


BabyCenter and Collage Group will take an in-depth look at Generation Z alongside its Millennial contemporaries to offer a glimpse into the future—a look at how this young generation of digital natives will prioritize, shop, communicate, and connect when they become parents.

Generation Z, the oldest members of which were born in 1995, are now entering young adulthood and starting to make their influence felt. Their parents were the first users of BabyCenter when it launched in 1997, making Gen Z the first generation raised by BabyCenter to potentially use it themselves. Projected to be 40% of all consumers in the U.S. market in 2020, and a larger group than either Boomers or Millennials, it’s critical for BabyCenter and its partners to understand Generation Z’s attitudes towards parenting today, and identify how this generation will likely handle parenthood as they build tomorrow’s families.

BabyCenter knows the Millennial family like no other pregnancy and parenting platform, and its State of Modern Motherhood and Millennial Mom Reports are essential resources to its brand partners. With “Futurecasting Families: Insights into Generation Z & the Future of Parenting,” BabyCenter Brand Labs Insights releases its first in-depth predictive study on Generation Z alongside Collage Group.

About Collage Group

Founded in 2009, Collage Group focuses on empowering organizations to better serve and engage the fastest growing and most influential consumers through insights, market intelligence and strategy. They support leading companies through proprietary syndicated research, actionable category level insights, market intelligence tools, and best practices. The product portfolio includes insights and strategy networks–Latinum, focusing on multicultural, and genYZ, focusing on millennials and gen-Z. Collage Group also offers a full suite of custom research and consulting services. More information can be found at collagegroup.com.