2020 Parent's Pick Award

Check out these great new baby products that were selected from a panel of baby gear experts and chosen as finalists in the 2020 JPMA Innovation Awards competition.

JPMA is offering one lucky company a chance at a special Parent's Pick Award THAT YOU DECIDE ON!

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3-in-1 Airtivity Center By Lamaze


A first-of-its-kind in baby-to-toddler learning, the Lamaze 3-in-1 Airtivity Center provides 360 degrees of air-powered play and was designed to grow with baby. This one-of-a-kind table has more than eight activities for exploration and teaches babies how things work with air. Flip the fish’s tail to move the other fish around, hit the bubbles, and get rewarded with fun lights and sounds. This table also teaches problem solving through air play and helps children develop fine motor skills through game play. Perfect for use from 6-36 months, the Lamaze 3-in-1 Airtivity Center includes snap-on legs to transition from floor play for infant to table height for babies and toddlers who are experimenting with cruising and mastering walking.


Baby Bearig


The Baby Bearig is a "Keurig" for baby bottles. With the only Baby Formula Pod System, it serves a viable market expecting strong gains over the next 5 years.  The Baby Bearig has a refillable POD system and will soon be pairing with formula manufacturers to create a disposable pod.  Mom Like A Pro.....Baby Bearig


Baby Trend Expedition® RaceTec™ Jogger Plus By Baby Trend


Taking Baby Trend’s signature Expedition® Jogger to the next level! Our new Expedition® RaceTec™ Jogger Plus offers a premium and personalized jogging experience for all consumers at different heights and jogging satisfaction. With the innovative 4-position Rotational Angled Rubber Flex-grip Handles combined with Height Adjustability, our Expedition® RaceTec™ Jogger Plus offers parents to personalize their own jogging experience in different levels of comfort when experiencing different fields, turns, inclined roads and surfaces. Not only did we design with jogging parents’ comfort in mind, we have also made each position easy to adjust with just buttons and latches so jogging parents are able to adjust on the run!

Bebefit Light Folding Hip-seat By MONIT America, Inc.

The Bebefit Light is a carry-aid that actively supports and distributes your child's weight around your waist … only when you need it! The Bebefit Light is the first foldable hip-seat that allows you to   raise and lower the seat with the click of a button. Easy-up, Easy-down. While not in use its slim profile is barely noticeable under clothes and when you’re done, it can be folded up and placed into most handbags.  Our state-of-the-art technology not onlyreduces carrying-related aches and pains for parents and caregivers but promotes  healthy hip-growthby keeping baby in the Hip-Dysplasia Institute certified M-position.


BENTOMAL® TO GO By Prince Lionheart


Cutest. Bentos. Ever. School lunches just got a whole lot cuter! These adorable Bentomals® (bento+animal) somehow make the lunch-packing task more fun for parents, and the eating task more exciting for kids. Each set fits a full-sized sandwich and two snacks. Leak proof lids mean they can toss and turn without making a mess, and their stackability means lunch bags, cupboards and drawers stand a fighting chance of remaining more organized.  Dishwasher and microwave safe, the Bentomals are free from any nasties. Now it’s time for you to let your imaginations run wild and send your kiddos off with a lunch they’ll look actually forward to eating. Bon appetit!




bökee is an innovative feeding accessory that allows parents and caregivers to prepare any bottle or sippy cup entirely with one-hand. This first-of-its-kind product allows pumping moms to transfer breast milk from storage bag to bottle without risk of spilling. Each bӧkee is one-piece of food-grade silicone, dishwasher safe and portable. bökee continues to lend a hand as children grow into sippy cups and families expand. How to bӧkee: Simply push the bӧkee down on a smooth, dry countertop. Nestle the bottle or sippy cup into the bӧkee. Apply gentle pressure as the bӧkee grips to hold the item in place while you open or close it as needed.


Breathable™ Mesh Mini Crib By BreathableBaby


The Breathable™ Mesh Crib is the first crib of its kind – combining the strength and integrity of traditional wood cribs with breathable mesh found in our liners. The breathable mesh sides provide ventilation and temperature control while also preventing arms and legs from getting stuck between the slats.  It's made from sustainable New Zealand pine and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant composite supporting the mission to improve air quality and make our air more breathable. The crib is finished with non-toxic paint that this is free of lead, phthalates, and formaldehyde. The mini crib is ideal for smaller spaces and room sharing, while growing with baby up to 24 months or 35"" in height, due to the two position adjustable mattress.


Britax® B-FreeTM Premium Travel System with EndeavoursTM Infant Car Seat (Clean Comfort)

Travel in luxury, wherever you go with the B-Free Premium Travel System. The stroller is made with a stain-resistant, Nanotex-treated fabric, and a wicking seat liner that’s removable for easy cleaning. Plus, the leatherette handlebar is stylish & adjustable. The expandable canopy is ventilated for a cooler ride, and the no-rethread harness easily adjusts as your child grows. When you’re ready to roll, fold the stroller in seconds with one hand. The Endeavours Infant Car Seat combines trusted Britax Safety with stain-resistant Nanotex technology, wicking fabric and extra padding for a clean, cool, comfortable ride. SafeCenter LATCH makes it easy to secure & tighten the base. When you’re on the go without the base, securely install the seat using the European Belt Guide.


Click (TM) Hands-Free Baby Gate By Fisher-Price


Meet Click™, the first electronic, auto-unlock, hands-free baby gate. It pairs the utility of a safety gate with elegant design and innovation that makes your life easier.  Click™ has a wall-mounted button that offers an easy-release mechanism, which allows adults to pass through, hands-free while keeping baby safe. The gate opens with a child-proof press and toggle system you can do with an elbow, so you can walk through with full hands.  Click™ is designed with different homes and doorframes in mind. That’s why this gate has two slide-mount options for a custom fit that allows the gate to work in a variety of homes.  The slide mount allows the gate to lift in and out of place, so it’s easy to create a gate-free environment when entertaining.


Click it Stick By Light Success Products


Click It Stick is a brand new, patented tool.  Click It Stick is a game changer for parents and grandparents for installing forward-facing child car seats, which allows the use of the seatbelt, in less than a minute. The seatbelt holds 2-3 tons where the L.A.T.C.H. system holds 65 lbs (including the seat.) The L.A.T.C.H. system was not designed to be safer, just simpler. (NHTSA.gov) What makes a child safe in a car seat is the person installing it! Click It Stick is designed for anyone 7-70 years old to install a car seat correctly in less than one minute for under $20.00 retail!


Coast Rider Stroller with canopy By Dream on Me, Inc.


The Dream On Me Coast Rider Stroller is the perfect item for parents on the move! This modern style stroller folds compactly, making it a breeze to travel with your little passenger anywhere, anytime! Allow the stroller to adapt to you and your child’s needs for their personal excursion. Comes with a variety of conversions and features including a removable seat back, safety harness with adjustable handles and push bars. The Coast can be easily plugged-in with any stroller, making it a perfect dual ride for older brothers or sisters, relinquishing the need to purchase yet another twin or extra stroller.


Contours® Element™ 1-to-2 Stroller


The revolutionary Contours Element is a convertible, side-by-side stroller that can accommodate 1 or 2 children to grow with your family. This innovative stroller does not need any adjustments to the stroller frame to switch between single or double stroller mode, can easily fit through standard doorways, and can accommodate over 35 different seating modes for one or two children. Plenty of accessories (sold separately) allow parents to use the stroller with one or two infant car seats (over 35 different models), bassinets, and stroller seats, providing the ultimate in flexibility and adaptability.  Underseat storage basket, side storage tote, and parent organizer, color-coded brake, leatherette handle, UPF 50+ sun canopy, and a standing fold.


Coral XP Infant Car Seat By Maxi-Cosi


Designed for giving you an extra hand. Carry your baby with ease, comfort and convenience. The Coral XP is the first-ever integrated car seat and carrier system and was built for helping parents move about with ease. The Coral’s revolutionary Lightweight Inner Carrier can be seamlessly removed from the car seat’s Outer Shell. And, with a specially designed, first-of-its-kind cross body flex-strap, the Coral lets you go through your day with ease, so you can get things done, and pinch those cheeks every chance you get.


Cradlewise Smart Crib


The Cradlewise smart crib is the first product to learn from babies' sleep patterns, spot early signs of wake-up and bounce the baby to sleep along with soothing music.  The crib has an integrated baby monitoring system. Our patented monitor can detect changes in breath-rate, movements and baby sounds and predict a wake-up. The crib keeps track of the baby's weekly sleep patterns to judge if it's an unscheduled wake-up. And if it's still sleeping time, it bounces and plays soothing music to get the baby back to sleep.  Rather than reacting when the baby has already woken up crying, the smart crib predicts a baby wake-up early on and acts to help maintain baby sleep. Parents get a helping hand that saves up to 2 hours every day. The product is a sleep coach through the baby’s journey from a new-born to a 2-yr old. The crib even comes with a sleep training mode that helps parents transition from co-sleeping to putting the baby in its own nursery.


Crawligator By Kiddy Crawler, LLC


The Crawligator is a unique and innovative developmental toy for infants that provides mobility and promotes natural crawling movement. The Crawligator is designed to move just above a hard floor surface on caster wheels. The Crawligator's  smooth contoured surface allows the child to rest comfortably on their stomach while safely developing and exploring their world. The Crawligator helps infants to build strength, develop gross motor skills and supports independence. The Crawligator is light weight and easy to take along. Meets CPSC safety standards. Available in two colors, pink & green. The Crawligator is MADE IN USA.


Crib Chomper Teething Rail Crib Guard By Marlarkey Kids


Is your baby in beaver mode?  If your little one is making a meal of you crib then look no further. The Malarkey Kids Crib Chomper is the smart crib rail guard.  It protects your baby from ingesting paint, wood as well as from damaging little teeth.  The Crib Chomper features soft, padded, drool absorbent fabric + a layer of textured, chewy food-grade silicone to protect both baby and crib. Fits most standard and convertible crib rails.  Simply fold fabric over with silicone side facing up & secure hook and loop around crib rails.


Cubo AI Baby Monitor By Yun Yun Al Baby Monitor Corporation


Cubo AI is a smart baby monitor with artificial intelligence that safeguards babies and toddlers with a design detecting and alerting parents if their little one’s face is covered so that parents can step in to help. Cubo AI was co-created with a pediatrician with over 15 years of experience and various experts in artificial intelligence. The most popular innovative features include: Proactive Covered Face, Cry-Detection, and Rollover Alert; Danger Zone Alert for both babies and toddlers; Automatic Photo Capture for Baby’s First Moments; In-App Digital Scrapbook. Cubo also has a 1080pHD camera for both daylight and night vision, 18-hour playback, two-way audio, three camera stands to grow with your baby, a night light, and temperature and humidity detection.


DetraPel® Baby Gear & Fabric Protector


Meet DetraPel, the only safe liquid and stain repellent completely free of toxic cancer-causing “Forever Chemicals”, or PFAS. Unlike existing water repellents that use harmful fluorochemicals, dangerous solvents, and propellants, DetraPel® Baby Gear & Fabric Protector is non-toxic and powered by air.  It can safely be applied anywhere indoors so parents can spend less time cleaning and more time with their little ones! This revolutionary safe nano-coating bonds to fabric fibers to keep moisture away, while simultaneously, maintaining the breathability of materials. It is formulated for use on car seats, strollers, high chairs, changing tables, playpens, and more.


ePriam By Cybex


The e-PRIAM is CYBEX’s first contribution to e-mobility in the juvenile industry and uniquely combines the luxurious design and functionality of the new PRIAM stroller, with the electronic power of smart technology. These intelligent functions paired together make everyday life easier for modern parents and turn uneven terrain and hills into child’s play. The e-PRIAM has three main functions. Once activated, the Uphill Support monitors pushing effort and powers the stroller’s ascent, making a steep climb feel like strolling along a level sidewalk. The second function is Uneven Surface Support— helping on rough terrain such as sandy beaches, country paths and snowy winter streets. And the third function is the Downhill Support which detects pulling pressure on the handlebar and slows the stroller’s descent accordingly.


FeedMe High Chair By lotsollc


FeedMe high chair is a new product category that haven't existed in the market before. FeedMe high chair is the first chair combining with dining booster ,portable booster and chair. The product comes with two part. FeedMe booster and an adult seat. If you are traveling around, you can carry FeedMe booster. However, if you are dining at your own place. You can install the FeedMe booster into FeedMe high chair. From 6 month to adult, the product can be used for a long time.


ForgetMeNot By TotTech


Over 50 children died from being left in hot cars in 2019, TotTech aims to change that. With the launch of our inaugural product, the ForgetMeNot, we hope to bring that number down to zero. The ForgetMeNot is compatible with any car seat and will alert the parent if they are about to leave their child in the car.  The ForgetMeNot is a sensor that is easily added to any car seat. Once added to a car seat the ForgetMeNot is able to sense if a child is in the car seat and then automatically turns on and connects to the TotTech app on the parents phone. If the phone then ventures too far from the ForgetMeNot it will trigger an alert letting the parent know that they may be leaving their child in the car. If the alert persists for more than ten minutes the parents emergency contacts will receive a text informing them of the situation.


Handy Burp'ems®


Handy Burp'ems® is the ultimate burp cloth. It has a protective covering for your hand and a pouch at the bottom to catch the mess. It was designed to protect from spit up and to provide an easier transition from feeding to burping. Handy Burp'ems® sits right on your hand, eliminating the need to "hold" a burp cloth in place. You can breast or bottle feed while wearing Handy Burp'ems®, it doesn't get in the way. If you choose to burp over the shoulder, you just throw it over and when your baby spits up, it will run down into the pouch instead of all down your back. They are very soft to babies touch and patterns can always be updated to keep up with the current trend. Perfect for everyday spit up or those with acid reflux.


hifold the fit-and-fold booster By Carfoldio, Ltd


The hifold fit-and-fold car booster seat is the world's most adjustable and portable booster seat. The unique ""multi-fit"" technology adjusts independently for height, head width, body width and seat width to 243 individual settings. This ensures optimal belt fit and comfort for children of all body shapes and as they grow. hifold is also the world’s most portable highback booster. The “multi-fold” system allows hifold to easily fold down for portability and storage. hifold comes with a built-in carry strap and at only 10 lbs is easy to carry around.  hifold is regulated in the US (NHTSA standard FMVSS 213) and in every country worldwide (Australia is still pending), so is ideal for taking anywhere on vacation.


HugMe Plus Drawing Board By lotsollc


Hugme plus is a bedside sleeper that has been selling in the market for half year. The premium crib that has earned lots of positive feedbacks from the customer. In order to extend product life cycle, our designer come up with an option to make Hugme Plus become first bedside sleeper that can convert to a drawing board.


iBaby i2 By iBaby Labs


iBaby i2 is an adorably designed smart baby monitor that is jam-packed with leading features and technology. This includes contact-free real-time breathing detection that measures your baby's BPM at a fraction of the cost of breathing devices. Using an app-based subscription model, iBaby i2 allows parents the freedom to choose breathing detection as needed. Also included is the newest H.265 chip that compresses file size and bandwidth to provide the highest quality video and audio in the industry without lags or delays. Designed with flexible baby-safe silicone, i2 gives parents countless versatile placement options like mounting on a wall, wrapping on a lamp or placing on any flat surface. And with the addition of an external battery, i2 is portable and travel-friendly.


Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty By Jool Baby Products


The new Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty is the most convenient way for kids to potty train on the go. It folds quickly into a compact size and is stowed in the included travel bag. Eight heavy-duty suction cups on the underside keep the little one stable, making them confident wherever they go. The folding hinges are designed to prevent pinching and the potty comes in stylish color options of aqua and pink.


Kori 2-in-1 Rocker By Maxi-Cosi


The Kori features a modern design, lightweight and supportive, easy to adjust from stationary to rocking, and the fabrics are machine washable. No matter what you need to do around the house, you can rest assured knowing your baby can sit or rock away in peace. From the first days after birth to many months later, your baby can lay back in luxury or be a part of the action in the Kori. The cozy newborn inlay, made with high-quality soft materials, provides your baby with maximum comfort and support-it's the best seat in the house. The Kori adjusts to three different positions with just one hand, cleans easily and weighs next to nothing. The Kori's smart design also means you can tuck it away under the bed or behind the couch when you need to.


Love To Dream™ Rainbow Swaddle UP


A baby born following a miscarriage or a stillbirth is known and celebrated as a “Rainbow Baby”. In honor of all “Rainbow Babies”, Love To Dream™ is proud and excited to introduce our Swaddle UP in an exclusive Rainbow print. The Rainbow swaddle was developed to help families celebrate their new arrival while remembering and honoring the baby they have lost.  Regal Lager, as well as the Love To Dream™ brand, are strong supporters of the First Candle organization. Every Rainbow Swaddle UP sold, Regal Lager will donate $5 to First Candle - guaranteeing a donation of a minimum of $25,000.


Lumalou Bedtime Routine System By Fisher-Price


The Fisher-Price Lumalou Bedtime Routine System is a revolutionary, all-in-one solution that makes bedtime better from start to finish! The Smart Connect app provides customizability and flexibility to meet the needs of every family. Lumalou guides toddlers through the steps of their unique routine, using icons to represent tasks. With each completed task, pressing the child activated remote unlocks music and light rewards which gamify the process keeping kids motivated and on track. Once the routine is complete, Lumalou transitions to an elegant and functional soother with backlit multi-color lights and soothing music. Use the Smart Connect app to customize lights and sounds based on the child’s preferences. Lumalou’s customizable OK to Wake feature helps toddlers understand when to stay in bed and when it’s OK to get up. The sleek, on-trend design makes the wall mounted cloud look modern and fit within any nursery décor. 


Lumi by Pampers™


Lumi by Pampers™ is a quantum leap in baby monitoring.  Combining a state of the art Video Monitor with a Sleep Sensor, it’s an all-in-one Baby Monitor System that lets parents see their baby in HD, and seamlessly blend real tracking data with their own intuition in a frictionless way as they find their rhythm as a family. All the information comes together in the Lumi App to help parents:       See and know at a glance how baby is doing;           Anticipate baby’s needs; Build a routine that works; Share access between caregivers.  Multi-caregiver access secured with 2FA and state of the art encryption and security standards to provide a quick snapshot.


Miku Smart Baby Monitor


The Miku Smart Baby Monitor is the only contactless monitor to track breathing, sound, and sleeping patterns in real time.  Technology combines multiple sensor modalities and AI to see breathing in total darkness, under a thick swaddle, and in any body position or location in the crib.  Designed to fit seamlessly into a new parent lifestyle and ease anxieties, Miku is packed with upgraded, unique, and easy-to-use features. Using their Miku app, parents can customize alerts for movement, breathing, sound, room temperature, and humidity as well as awake/asleep notifications. With Miku’s internal processor, alerts are delivered in real time. Parents can also securely view, save, and share 1080p video and audio, play MikuMusic sleep sounds and lullabies, or whisper “I love you” via two-way talk. Plus, our new Stand and Travel Case give parents peace of mind on-the-go.




The MOOV bag combines fashion and function to make it more than just another diaper bag. Regardless of what a parent's particular style, MOOV can convert from a handbag, to a backpack, a shoulder bag, and everything in between, to meet their needs. The innovative indicator “Xcheck” system is fully patented and unique to MOOV which transform its Smart Pockets to an organization checklist. The system is to remind you what to pack, what’s missing, and helps parents delegate the packing task to another family member easily. When it's time to change diapers, MOOV's unique construction also helps parents perform diaper switches on-the-go in a convenient, sanitary way.


On-The-Go Swing By Fisher-Price


This is the only portable swing on the market developed to optimize the outdoor experience, featuring a fully enclosing canopy that is UPF 20 rated to protect baby from the sun as well as flying pests. It also features a breathable mesh panel to make sure baby gets a nice breeze to help cool off on those hot summer days. The On-the-Go Swing is the only swing on the market that meets the infant carrier standard, so you can actually pick up & carry baby around safely in the swing! If you’re out at the park and it starts to rain, we’ve got you covered. Our electronics hub is protected with a special conformal coating to keep it from shorting out.  This innovative platform is sturdy and has an intuitive and easy folding system to make loading up quick and easy.


Play Away Deluxe By Evenflo


The indoor/outdoor Play-Away™Portable Playard Deluxe is the ultimate playpen enclosure. The Play-Away has features you’ll love like a detachable UPF 50+ sun protection canopy with full or half dome coverage that is easy to unzip and adapt to your needs.  Take a peek on your little one and they can peek at you through the six airy mesh side walls with roll down shades. The water-resistant padded floor is comfortable and easy to clean. The attached pouch is perfect for a touch-screen device. The foldable, sturdy frame comes fully assembled; plus, you can quickly fold, unfold, pack and carry in the included travel bag with shoulder strap. Measuring at 15 sq. ft of play space, 48” wide and 27” tall, it’s just enough room for your child and compact enough for simple transport.


Pronto One By Strollerwagons


The Pronto One is an innovative product that handles like a stroller but is versatile with its bassinet body.  The Pronto can be used as a bassinet, cart, double stroller, picnic table, and the ultimate travel nap system.  It is allowed in most, if not all, amusement parks with stringent stroller regulations.  With a high weight limit of 80kgs and various custom accessories, the Pronto can be used for many years and purposes.  The quick and easy one step fold without removing any seats or canopy is an attractive quality to parents.  The black out sleeping kit and the cold weather cover are a few of the game changing accessories of the Pronto.  26 color combinations.


Ride Safer Travel Vest GEN5 By Safe Traffic System, Inc.


The Ride Safer Travel Vest is an alternative to child seats and booster seats for children 3 years old and up.  Very light, portable, easy to use and convenient, Ride Safer Travel Vests offer an alternative to heavy and bulky car seats and booster seats for parents and caregivers on-the-go. Taxi, Uber public transportation and air travel is made much easier.  It is certified as a Harness under FMVSS 213 so it can be used with a lap-only seat belt with a tether or with a lap and shoulder belt with, or without, the tether legally in all 50 states plus many countries worldwide.


Sirona S By CYBEX


CYBEX’s new Sirona S is the first convertible car seat in the U.S. to feature an innovative 360° rotatable seat with a load leg. Its innovative rotating feature makes switching between rear-facing and forward-facing positions quicker and easier than ever by eliminating the need for re-installation and providing a convenient entry/exit position that reduces uncomfortable lifting for the parent. The Sirona S load leg stabilizes the seat and can significantly reduce crash forces. The Sirona S also features SensorSafe™ technology that syncs with a caregiver’s smartphone to provide alerts when a child is left unattended after the car turns off, a child unbuckles themselves, or the ambient temperature around the child becomes too hot or too cold.


Smart Beat


Smart Beat is the video baby monitor with breath detection, featuring camera-based Biovision™ monitoring. Smart Beat's ultra-HD camera can identify more than 16 million individual shades of color. It can track small movements like the inhale and exhale of a swaddled newborn. Smart Beat alerts parents if: breathing is too fast or too slow or stops. ...all without any invasive technologies. Smart Beat is as safe as taking a picture. Real-time and historical breathing rate charts, and a chart displaying a waveform of every inhale and exhale. Any time breathing becomes irregular, video is automatically recorded. Smart Beat pans and tilts, giving parents a 355-degree view of the room. It also features two-way audio and remote access. Smart Beat also offers parents' Lock Down mode, which takes the video feed off the grid, accessible only to users physically in the home.


Snuggle Me Feeding + Support Pillow By Snuggle Me Organic


Our Snuggle Me Feeding + Support Pillow will aid you in nursing, bottle feeding, sitting up support, tummy time, a toddler pillow and more. Narrow ends easily tuck behind your back to stabilize and create a less bulky nursing aid.  Minimal, sophisticated design looks good in every home.


Sprout Ware Straw Cup made from Plants By Green Sprouts


Our Sprout Ware® plant-plastic is a 100% plant-based material that replaces petroleum plastics to avoid harmful chemicals. Soft, silicone drip-free straw spout and straw supports healthy oral development, and the removable straw allows for tilted or traditional straw drinking options as your baby learns and transitions from bottles or sippy spouts. Liquids only flow when pressure is applied to the spout to help baby regulate the flow and prevent spills. Removeable, easy-grip handles and a contoured design help baby grasp and hold the cup. A wide neck and removable base make this baby sippy cup easy to clean by hand for longevity, but all parts are dishwasher safe.


Stokke® Clikk™ High Chair


Can be assembled and break apart in less than one minute. Can be used from 6 months up to 3 years

Ergonomic with adjustable footrest for comfort at each age. Easy to wipe clean, dishwasher safe tray

Travel friendly: light, easy to put together & take apart.


Stay Clean Humidifier By Safety 1st


The Safety 1st Stay Clean Humidifier is the only bacteria-killing and mold-preventing humidifier with LED technology in the market.

Our patented LED technology (powered by Vital Vio) kills +99.99% of bacteria and prevents mold growth*. Combined with our unique design this gives you a humidifier that stays clean and sterilized, and is easier than ever to clean when you want to.  Unlike UV light technology, which is harmful to skin and eyes (if exposed), our patented LED technology is suitable for continuous use around people, pets and even plants. With a filter free design, 24 hours of cool mist and auto shut-off – this is the humidifier you’ve been looking for!

(*99.99% of MRSA and E Coli bacterial concentrations killed within 24 hours and growth of mold (Aspergillus) prevented (in laboratory controlled studies with prolonged use))


Super Pooper Plus Potty By The First Years


The First Years Super Pooper Plus Potty helps your potty training toddler sit in the correct position with a foot lift for the perfect squat. The adjustable foot lift raises the legs above the hips for a natural, more relaxed squatting position that can help with pushing. To help encourage your child, this toddler potty system includes “flush” buttons that make realistic flushing and cheering sounds. When your child is ready, the trainer seat removes to help your child smoothly transition from the potty to adult toilet. The realistic design also helps for an easier transition to the regular toilet. There’s a high splash guard for less mess and a lift-out pot for easy cleaning after successful attempts.


Swaddle Sleeves By Two Baby Bears and Co.


Swaddle Sleeves: the gently weighted, arms-only swaddle transition solution that is designed to soothe baby's startle reflex and reduce the risk of overheating. Swaddle Sleeves can be worn with only a onesie, or an (arms-out) swaddle, sleep sack, or PJs that baby will graduate to for a seamless transition. Perfect swaddle alternative for babies who don’t like being traditionally swaddled but still have a strong Moro reflex. With a non-slip, chevron-patterned, nontoxic silicone backing, Swaddle Sleeves meets CPSIA safety standards and current market appeal.  The gentle weight in our Hug Cushioning Factor helps to soothe the Moro/startle reflex and safely provides that snug, cozy resistance that babies desire while still leaving their arms and body free for developmentally appropriate movement.


Teethe-Around Sensory Trainer Cup By The First Years


The First Years Teethe-Around Sensory Trainer Cup is the spill-proof sensory sippy cup designed for teething!  The silicone lid has different chew zones, each with a special texture that helps soothe baby’s sore gums. The four different texture types also help prepare babies for the variety of tactile sensations they’ll experience from different foods. This can help parents as they introduce new foods into their baby’s diet. As they chew, babies are also helping to strengthen their jaws and tongue which helps with speech development. The lid is made with 100% food safe, chewable silicone and the cup is made without BPA or PVC. The silicone lid is also freezer safe and chilling it can provide extra soothing relief for the child. Dishwasher safe, the cup is easy to clean and includes a spout cover for extra protection when it’s in the diaper bag.


The Tempur-Pedic® TEMPUR-Dream™ Crib Mattress


The Tempur-Pedic® TEMPUR-Dream™ Crib Mattress is designed with the 2-stages of comfort technology to create better, higher quality sleep right from the start. The TEMPUR-Dream™ Baby Crib Mattress is made with an exclusive TEMPUR-Response® Memory Foam that delivers personalized comfort and support for growing toddlers, while a firmer foundation supports newborns and infants.  The CozyFresh™ cover is a soft, breathable fabric while the underlying barrier provides waterproof protection. The CozyFresh™ cover is removable and washable. While the cover is in the wash, the inside protective encasement acts as a secondary cover so the mattress can continue to be used. The seamless edge and waterproof barrier won’t trap household allergens and passes chemicals of high concern to children regulations. GREENGUARD GOLD certified. Proudly made in the USA.


The Cloud Mini By Zoe Baby Products


The Cloud Mini is an ultra-lightweight playard that can be used as a bassinet up to 15lbs and a playard/travel crib up to 30lbs.  Carefully crafted with a highly water-resistant 900D fabric The Cloud Mini will make sleep time comfortable and safe for your little one.  At only 11lbs, it's perfect for travel and small spaces.  It fits easily into all airline overheads and takes 20 seconds to set up or takedown. Included is a useful handsfree backpack that conveniently exposes the wheels to roll away in style. It has buckles on the side to attach the optional changer.


The First and Only Colorful Stainless Steel Dinnerware for Children By Ahimsa®


Designed by a Pediatrician Mom, the modular dinnerware encourages healthy habits at a young age while decreasing the environmental footprint of plastic. Ahimsa offers fully metal products without the use of paint or toxic chemicals. Our unique patent-pending nesting spoon is designed to “nest” on our bowl or any yogurt cup; this prevents cross-contamination that typical spoons encounter when laid down on a dirty surface. Parents can use it is a tea stirrer and our infant training cup can be later used as a rinse cup for tooth brushing. Our products are sized to grow with your child from infancy through adulthood. Our aim is to reduce and reuse.


The MUNCHkin party set By Zoe Baby Products


Meet our mealtime, playtime, activity-time table and chair set perfectly proportioned for little ones.  Your child's first table & chairs.  Sturdy construction with easy folding chairs and tip-proof folding table.  This table and two chairs combo travels well in its own backpack and works both indoors and outdoors. Innovation:  Table and chairs fold for storage and travel.  It comes with a hands-free backpack. Use absolutely anywhere: indoors, outdoors, travel, beach or at the neighbor's house.  Easy to clean.


The SipSak By Sincerely Bonded


The SipSak is a groundbreaking patent pending breastfeeding device. It looks, feels and functions just like the breast to simulate the breastfeeding experience! It has 4-5 holes in the nipple to create even milk distribution and is silicone based which makes it reusable and hand washable. The SipSak can hold ideally any liquid which makes it useful for women who may not be able to produce their own breast milk and for those who may use formula or other types of milk. The SipSak is hands free due to its elasticized strap which makes it very easy to use. This product is great for everyone including but not limited to big brother/sister, dad, and those who adopt as well.


The Trio Luxe+ By Zoe Baby Products


Rocking a 3 under 5 situation?  We've got your back. The Luxe Trio+ can be used as a triple stroller or converted in seconds to a twin or vice versa with our patent-pending connection system allowing you to convert the twin stroller into the lightest, easiest, most convenient triple in the market. Lightest Triple available, folds easily to fit in the trunk of a compact car, incredible maneuverability thanks to our new ball-bearing wheels.  Six beautiful 900D soft fabric choices, leatherette handles, extra-large canopies and new sleek design. Whether you’re traveling to Disney or the grocery store, the Trio+ makes life easier with three children, or use the Trio seat for the pup or extra ""stuff"".  Easily folded and placed in two separate backpacks for travel.


TOWNEW Diaper Pail By Knectek Labs, Inc.


TOWNEW Diaper Pail is an automatic diaper disposal system that seals and changes bags itself. With its patented technology, This helpful diaper pail works to works to lock in smells, seal bags and replace a clean refill all at the touch of a button. Key features:  Self-sealing bag, Self-changing refill, Oder-control, Motion Enabled Lid, Rechargeable Battery.  TOWNEW Diaper Pail is a modern solution, thoughtfully designed to make diaper duty a whole of easier.


TRIV(TM) By Nuna


This fully-featured compact stroller is perfect for city living or jet-setting travelers. TRIV is cleverly designed with a seat that can face both ways and fold both ways, and can easily convert to a travel system. The ring adapter can even fold with the frame, creating the perfect sidekick to your everyday adventures!


Visy Bra By NurseMeMama


We set out to create a bra that was not only comfortable but would also help with latch! Newborn babies see only in black and white. High contrast images are very stimulating and exciting for babies to look at. Latching a newborn onto your breast can be difficult and exhausting. Every Visy Bra is made with this in mind, comfort and function first. They come in a set of two, one in black and one in white. There are no clips and no wire.


Wonder Buddies By Tiny Love


A smart buddy can do wonders for your toddler's development! Learn about daily skills. Peek-a-boo: the ultimate game for 1-year-olds. Cause and Effect play patterns: suitable for toddlers level of understanding. Fits toddlers’ palms and motor skills abilities.  Supports today’s parents in storytelling. Encourages mutual playtime & bonding. Also suitable for independent play.